Visually increase the height of the ceiling

A large number of people who have typical urban apartments with low ceilings think about how to increase them using different visual effects, as well as using an optical illusion used in the design of the premises. In a very simple and inexpensive way to increase the height in the room, you can apply wallpaper with a vertical pattern or ornament. But it should be remembered that very bright, as well as wide strips over the entire area of ​​the room will make it not higher, but rather lower. Therefore, the best solution would be to use the canvases of wallpaper with discreet drawings. Glue the wallpaper or paint the walls in the room you need to be as close as possible to the ceiling. Thanks to this effect, you can achieve an increase in the height of the ceiling. You should also abandon the use of borders, in particular from broad types. For more than the best design of the ceiling and walls, you should apply a painting that is performed in the style of “trick” that will allow you to betray the surface of the outgoing image. To do this, you can use everything you want, felts of cloudy sky, felts of flower meadows or autumn lasa. Another effective way to increase the height of the ceiling is the embezzlement of high and narrow furniture, racks or cabinets in the corners of the room. Also in a room with low ceilings you can use vertical decor elements, such as a tall tree or flower, elegant floor floor lamps or vertical paintings. To give a visual increase in the height of the ceiling in the room, the windows can be decorated with tulle or very light curtains that start from the ceiling itself, but end near the gender itself. You can also use not standard doorways, but for example an arch that will be located at the ceiling itself, which will give the effect of visual height. You can still knock down the scale of the room with the help of long vertical handles. Another way to increase the height of the ceiling in the room can be achieved using proper lighting. You should abandon the massive low -weighting lamp. It is necessary to give preference to flat chandeliers that are located near the ceiling and evenly distribute the light. It will be very original to abandon the usual chandelier in the center of the ceiling, and use distributed light sources along the wall of the room.