Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a place that arose as a result of the merger of various cultures. There are Canton traditions associated with China, as well as a long British influence.    Only in Hong Kong you can see fashionable shopping centers and boutiques and make a pleasant shopping for yourself, adjacent to the charm of the old world. Hong Kong is a pearl of the east of the city of China, in which the conveniences of modern life are harmoniously combined with the memory of antiquity.    Hong Kong consists of several parts:

– The island of Hong Kong is the center of the economy, politics, entertainment and purchases (shopping). – Cowlun is a prosperous and active region. – New territories with remote islands belong to fairly calm and beautiful places.    In principle, everywhere in Hong Kong there are many places with magnificent greens and pedestrian paths, making the city a good place to relax. And when you find yourself in areas such as Victoria’s peak or the amazing bay of Cianghuwan, you will feel as if you were in a fabulous country.    Imagine that you meet the dawn or observe the sunset at the top of the Victoria peak, make a fascinating night journey through the bay, communicate with sellers in various shopping centers and markets, pamper your taste receptors with delicacies.. All this will bring you a lot of new and brightest impressions!    In China, one of the most popular places in Hong Kong is the peak of Victoria, which is also known as “Mount Austin”. This is the highest point of Hong Kong and the main attraction of the region, where there are about seven million visitors annually. At the very top of the peak to visitors, access is closed. There are radio transmitters and private residences of the rich. At the top of the Victoria peak is the most expensive real estate in the world.