Switzerland is a country in the center of European events

With a small territory, rich and fabulously beautiful, the country of Switzerland is famous for its enviable quality of life and an incredibly prestigious banking system. Internal products such as chocolate, cheese and watches are in demand around the world, and political reputation, financial power and magnificent Alps allow Switzerland to be in the center of many European events. Located in the very center of the old continent, the country of Switzerland is also an ideal place for many conferences and international forums.

Similarities of Switzerland

Without a doubt, the Alps are the main attraction of Switzerland, but the country of Switzerland and interesting historical and cultural objects are not devoid of. For example, in Zurich you can visit Altstadt (Altstadt) – historical center, monastery of Fraumunster, Cathedral Grossmunster or Kunsthaus Gallery (Kunsthaus). In Geneva, the Cathedral of Saint-Pierre, Lake Geneva and Clock-Flovacles of the English Garden will attract attention. In Lausanne, the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Olympic Museum, the old port of Port D-Ushy and the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee, and the capital of Bern will surprise the famous time tower, statues, stained-glass windows and city souvenirs.

The country Switzerland offers to visit many castles. Surely, such monsters of architecture as Stockalperschloss (LEUK), Martigny (Monthey) and Sierrere (Sierre) will be remembered. Charming attractions are: Berne Highlands, decorated with impressive decorations of Jungfrau peaks and Monch (Monch), high -mountain lakes and mountain streams, as well as the Reichenbach waterfall and the Ballenberg museum in the air). The country of Switzerland is inseparable from its ski resorts: Portes du Soleil, Cermatt (Zermatt), Saint-Moritsa, Saas Fee, Davos.

National cuisine of Switzerland

The most popular Swiss dishes are: Viande Sechee-pork or beef with pickled onions, Fri potatoes, Fondue Vourguignonne-pieces of meat with sauce, Leckerli-honey cake covered with sugar powder. A typical Swiss breakfast consists of: bread, oil, marmalade or honey, cheese, chocolate, tea or coffee.

Weather in Switzerland

About 60 percent of the territory of Switzerland is occupied by mountains, so here you can get from winter in the summer in a couple of hours. Summer temperature indicators vary between 15-25 degrees, and winter, between minus 3-plus 5. In the mountains, the weather varies depending on the height of the relief. Most of the year, the temperatures here are negative, only in July and August, they go to the plus side.