How to make a small bathroom comfortable

The interior of the apartment

On the pages of fashion magazines, we see chic bathrooms of incredible sizes that shine with luxurious decoration of akin to an expensive cabin. Often their area is equal to the area of ​​almost our entire apartment. In upset feelings and with a fair amount of envy, we put off the magazine, secretly hoping in the foreseeable future to own the same beautiful bathroom.

Is it realistic to turn our miniature bathroom into an almost the same luxurious bathroom? Turning on your imagination, imagine your dream bathroom and believe me that it is quite possible to make a small bathroom comfortable and beautiful. In a close combined bathroom, you can divide the areas of the washbasin and toilet with the help of furniture, for example, a narrow cabinet with a retractable section. At the same time, you should not save on the quality of plumbing and furniture. For example, here the bathroom furniture is sold in a wide range, so you can choose the most suitable set for yourself.

To take away the minimum of useful area, in the corner you can place a modern comfortable shower cabin. For miniature bathrooms, this is the most optimal option, especially since there are no problems with the choice of shower cabins: round, rectangular, oval, five -sided, with a sliding door, with an angular entrance and so on. In another corner, you can place a compact washing machine, sink or toilet, moving it from your traditional place. Experiment with the location of plumbing in such a way as to make a small bathroom comfortable. A non -standard solution will be a change in the installation angle with ensuring free access to equipment.

When choosing the color scheme of floor and wall ceramic tiles, consider that dark colors visually reduce the room, while transparent materials and light shades expand it. A large pattern on the tile prefer a small, as a large pattern creates a severe impression. It is recommended to lay floor tiles diagonally, thus it will be possible to visually increase the room.

Compact equipment and furniture of light tones will help to make a small bathroom comfortable. Give preference to one collection, which will give the room lightness and a sense of style. Over the washbasin you can place stylish shelves for bathrooms, under it – a small -sized cabinet for storing things. Particular attention should be paid to mirrors, because they remain a traditional technique of visual increase in premises. Prefer an unusual shape to a mirror or one that, after fastening on the wall, can change the angle of inclination.

And finally, take care of the bathroom lighting. Install modern lamps on the ceiling or attach a stylish lamp in the mirror area. Light, shape and color will help make a small bathroom comfortable and cozy. Do not be afraid to invent and embody your bold fantasies in life. And the result will not be long in coming.