You can start acquaintance with the city with the statue of freedom. You can get to it on a tourist ferry (ticket cost – $ 10).

Statue of Freedom by rising to her, you can see the forest of the skyscrapers Manhatten. Then you can walk along Wall Street and take a walk along the Brooklyn bridge (on its pedestrian part). It is better to return back to Manhattan by water taxi (cost – $ 5 in one direction).

Empire Steit Building The next day can be devoted to the inspection of another attractions of New York-Empire-Land Building (ticket cost-$ 20). Having risen to the 86th or 102nd floor, you find yourself on one of the viewing platforms – from the panoramic look at the top you will probably take a breath.

Broadway want to get to the theater district? Move further north along Broadway. In these theaters, if you’re lucky, you can see a musical with the participation of some Hollywood star!

Central Park for several more minutes walk, and you will find yourself in the central park. Here you can arrange a picnic or play basketball. There are a lot of resting opportunities.

Shopping lovers can go to the Mitpeking area.

New York is a dynamic city that never sleeps.