Miracles of the world Earth is a miracle estimate with its attractions around the world

A person, throughout his entire existence, loves beauty, originality, miracles. Fortunately, the Earth, being a real attraction of the universe, loves to work miracles, surprising. Having passed a small segment of his development, man himself began to create and his created miracles are in no way inferior to natural. Miracles of the world, natural and needlework, are the main attractions of the planet. Scattered throughout the globe, they attract the close attention of researchers, historians and travelers, causing admiration and enthusiasm. That’s why they are miracles of the world.  

Locks. These architectural structures return in past times, introduce a person to customs, culture, traditions of the time when they were built:

Potala castle, Tibet-170 meter building on Marko-Ri Mountain (Marpo Ri);

Castle Mon-san-Michel, France-a medieval castle off the coast of Normandy;

Castle Predjamski, Slovenia – a unique structure built at the entrance to the cave;

Neuschwanstein castle, Germany-the embodiment of the 19th century romanticism;

Matsumoto Castle, Japan – a design that perfectly embodies local architecture.

Caves. Each country includes these natural miracles of the world in the list of its attractions. Secret, adrenaline, drive, romance – feelings and feelings that they cause in a person:

Mamontov Cave, the USA – 587 kilometers of land labyrinths;

Lascaux caves, France – a gallery of unique prehistoric rock drawings;

Tulacoleo caves, Australia – a grand cemetery of prehistoric animals;

Ice caves, Antarctica – the most “hot” place of the White Continent;

Waterfalls. Water and stone – an union automatically falling under the definition of “miracles of the world”:

Sutherland Falls, New Zealand-consisting of 3 waterfalls, the highest of which has 248 meters in height;

Angel Falls (Angel Falls), Venezuela-979-meter water extravaganza in the Kanima National Park (Canaima);

IGuazu waterfalls, Argentina – 250 waterfalls separating Argentina from Brazil;

Victoria waterfall, Zimbabwe is the largest water space created by the waterfall.

Churches. Religions, always, showed honors on Earth, so cult structures, as the miracles of the world, are interesting to the huge number of travelers:

Hatlgrimskirkja Church, Iceland is the most impressive Lutheran parish;

Church “Grace Fellowship), the USA is a Baptist fortress with a strange architecture;

Blessed Vasily Cathedral, Russia is the Center for Orthodoxy on Red Square;

Sagrada Familia, Spain-massive, colorful Roman-Catholic basilica in Barcelona.

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