Cambodia – exotic all year round

Tourism in Cambodia, as a source of income, is the second, after the textile industry. After many years of isolation for political reasons, the country of Cambodia was opened for tourists at the end of the last century. Since then, their number has been growing tirelessly, and today it is visited by more than 2 million people a year.

The sights of Cambodia

The most important tourist attractions of Cambodia, Angkor-Vat and phenomenal temples of Siem Reap (Siem Reap), cultural objects of tonnes and beaches of Sianoukville (Sihanoukville,) offer excellent conditions for arrangement, nutrition and movement. The Cambodia Country has other directions, such as: Ratanakiri (Ratanakiri) and Mondulkiri (Mondulkiri), isolated temples of Preah Vihear and Benteay Chmar, provincial cities of Battambang (Battambang, Kampatr ampot) and kep (KEP), which are only recently opened by tourists. All of them provide the opportunity to get acquainted with the “untouched” Cambodia.

The ancient temples of Angkor-Vata, Bayon and other ruins of the Khmer Empire are on UNESCO lists, not inferior in popularity to such attractions as Machu Picchu, the Egypt and Teotihuacan pyramids (Teotihuacan). These ancient objects contradict modern tourist destinations that reflect the country’s recent bloody history: a genocide valley or a museum of genocide.

Cambodia national cuisine

Rice is the main food of Cambodia. It is consumed with almost every meal, it underlies the entire Khmer cuisine, which the country of Cambodia prefers. Fish that is consumed in salty, dried or fresh is the same meaning. Many vegetables are also used that are grown in residents’ gardens. The real delicacy is the fruit Durian, which smells terribly, but very tasty. A traditional dish, which is served in almost all restaurants of the country, is Prahok – a rather sharp fish sauce.

Weather Cambodia

Cambodia weather allows you to feel comfortable here at any time. The temperatures are conveniently located between the marks of 25 and 35 degrees, regardless of the season. The country of Cambodia does not do without a rain season, which begins in May, but it does not cause much inconvenience. However, like the dry season, which begins in November, and, which is interrupted by short -term showers, refreshing and raising the mood.