Cuba country

Located in a very attractive, from the point of view of tourism, the country of Cuba boasts charming natural corners, hospitable and cheerful people, the most interesting colonial architecture of cities such as Havana, Soenfuegos, Pinar del Rio) and Pinar del Rio) and Pinar Del Rio) Trinidad.

Cuban attractions

In recent years, Havana has become increasingly open to tourists from all over the planet, offering to admire its colorful churches, ancient forts, museums, buildings dated 17-19 centuries. Gran Teatro is part of Palayu del Gallego, which contains the magnificent National Opera and Ballet Theater. The Museum of Fine Arts has a delightful collection of painting, and the Museum of the Revolution will demonstrate all the stages of the struggle of the Cuban people. Separate attractions are the old Havana, which is included in the UNESCO lists, and the Cathedral of San Cristobal, in which the remains of Christopher Columbus are placed.

Developing tourism by an increased pace, the country of Cuba already has a magnificent resort of Varadero, where more than 50 hotels operate, many restaurants and colorful entertainment establishments, and the white beaches of the coasts that extend to as much as 22 kilometers will satisfy the most exquisite requests. Other attractions of the resort are: Ambrosio Park, Gorot Azul-Ojo del Megano, a fantastic aquarium where you can swim with dolphins.

National cuisine of Cuba

The main ingredients of the popular Cuban cuisine are: rice, beans, yukka, corn, pork and tropical fruits. A peculiar Cuba County has a kind of dishes, such as: ajaco – soup made of meat ingredients and vegetables, Pargo from sea delicacies, Guenguel – dessert of corn flour, caraway seeds and sugar. The most consumed drink is Champola received from burnt sugar and milk.

Weather in Cuba

Located on the tropic of cancer, the country of cube is characterized by high temperature and hot weather. The average annual temperature exceeds 20 degrees: in winter – about 17 degrees, in the fall and spring – about 25 degrees, and in the summer it crosses a mark of 30 degrees. Knowing these indicators, it becomes clear that it is best to come to the island of Freedom in the winter period.