Spain Review of resort and historical cities

Spain is one of the most famous tourist countries in Europe. There are many interesting places such as museums, historical cities, the famous bridge over the Roman slaves made at one time and a huge and diverse number of beautiful landscapes.

Resorts of the cities of Spain

Barcelona – the second largest city in Spain, the capital of the Catalonia region. Tourists here are waiting for beautiful beaches, a huge number of hotels and an endless number of very interesting historical places in which various excursions are held. The bathing season in Barcelona begins early, since April and ends in October. In the evening, hundreds of evening cafes are open for tourists, and exquisite restaurants are waiting for more wealthy tourists.

The best resorts of Spain are located on the Balearian Islands. In the palm of the capital of the archipelago, the family families have always been rested on the Mallorca.

Famous cities of Spain

Madrid Madrid is a well-known city museum throughout Europe. A copper half -ring is installed in the city center, indicating a zero kilometer. Hence the distance to other famous cities of Spain is considered. For a long time, the events were high in history. This city is the capital of the largest museums, amazing in beauty of the squares, beautiful parks.

Toledo, first of all, getting into Spain, tourists usually turn their eyes to the center of Spain, Toledo – the city of all its atmosphere resembles an fabulous country of antiquity, here they still stand in the pristine form of ancient housing, jewelry and weapons workshops of the time that are then weighs on the then swords and swords used then Shields with precious stones and jewelry. At the highest point of the city is the Moorish castle, which is one of all attractions of Spain.

Granada Granada – a great monument of the Mavrov era – the capital of poets and writers, Gothic and Renaissance. The city is known for its musical workshops. Tourists, vacationers, at the resorts of Spain in the southern part of the country, will certainly go on an excursion to the capital of Andalusia Seville. The city has a unique atmosphere inherent only to it.

Valencia Valencia is another most famous resort city of Spain. It is surrounded by various gardens, and in the air the aromas of flowers and various fruits that have not been released for many hundreds of years are hungry. In the days of the Moors, Valencia was called “Paradise on Earth”. If you visit, in this place you will personally see, this.