How to install wooden windows with your own hands?

Wooden windows have recently been no less popular than plastic. This is due to the fact that modern wooden windows Belarus can provide the same excellent heat functions – and sound insulation as the windows made of plastic. But at the same time, they are environmentally friendly and natural, safe for health and have breathing properties. How to install a wooden window yourself?

The first stage of installation is the window mount. The window block itself must be posted to the horizontal with the construction level. Deviations from ideal parameters should not exceed one and a half millimeters. The block is attached to the opening using dowels or a whole mounting system if the window has a large weight. The distance between dowels should not exceed 80 centimeters. Remember that wooden windows can only be fixed with this method, but not nails or glue.

At the second stage, we carry out sealing seams. The empty space between the fixed window block and the walls of the building in the window opening must be filled. This is usually done using mounting foam. However, first of all, it is best to put a sealed compression tape in the cracks – for even better thermal insulation. When blowing the remaining place with foam, make sure that the air temperature is at least 15 degrees Celsius. The dried foam is removed with a knife, and then covered with a special ribbon to protect against UV radiation.

The third stage is the installation of a window sill and castings. It is understandable that wooden windows from Belarus also suggest a wooden internal windowsill, but the outer tide can be metal or plastic. The window sill canvas should lie in the window opening no less than two thirds of all its width, and perform at least 5 centimeters. Do not forget to dump the space under the windowsill. As for the tide, it is also better to fix it with self -tapping screws, and after installation it is better to close the side parts with special lining. Do not forget to install also platbands – this will give a wooden window a complete view.