The country of East Timor

Eastern Timor is a country located in Southeast Asia, is located in the east of Timor Island. The capital of the East Timor city of Dili.


The city of Dili is a very pleasant city, which has a large number of Catholic churches, the city has a large statue of Christ, located on Cape Fatukama, from where an amazing panorama opens. The city has an area that has excellent beach places that can be excellent for diving classes. Popular resort areas in East Timor are the AREAIA BART and PASIR-Pothic Bay, located three kilometers from Dili.

One of the most beautiful places on East Timor is the village of Lyvyvika, which is not far from Dili. Undoubtedly, it is worth visiting the famous beach, whose banks are covered with black sand.

Lifau, who is five kilometers from the city of Okusi, is a city, which is one of the first Portuguese settlements on the Eastern Timor. In the city there is a monument to the first dedicated landing of Europeans on Timor.

Speaking of the country of Eastern Timor is undoubtedly, it is worth mentioning old cities such as Mubissa and Ermer. The oldest government residence in Mubissa is currently open as a hotel. And the city of Ermer is famous for its coffee plantations, which work now.

National cuisine

In order to enjoy the national cuisine of Eastern Timor, it is worth going to the province, since in large cities of the country it has long been reigned by national cuisine. Eastern Timor absorbing the culinary traditions of the Philippine Islands, Portugal and China.

Undoubtedly, the main ingredient of the traditional cuisine of Eastern Timor is rice, which is served as a side dish. Using certain additives, rice is often stained in different colors. It is fried with vegetables, spices, boiled in broth and steam. This product is the main basis for traditional dishes of oriental Timor cuisine. Rice is consumed with vegetables and sauces, with chicken and seafood.

Emergency products are corn, bamboo, coconut oil and vanilla. Meat is rarely cooked mainly only on holidays. Unlike meat dishes, seafood dishes, birds and eggs are food products. The main drink of Eastern Timor is coffee, which they also produce.


The highest average temperature in the year in the south +38 ° C, the hottest months are October and November, from November to the month of May the northern-west Musson reigns, bringing long rains with him. The shortest period in which the climate is the best time to visit the country is the season from April to June-July.