What can be built from a bar: distinguishing features of the material

A beam is, first of all, peeled from branches and, of course, polished on special machines until the rectangular cross section of this felled part of the tree. That is why a natural wooden beam is considered a real natural material preserved all the best properties of wood.

The beam perfectly maintains heat and is often used in the construction of various country houses, including during the construction of baths from this beam.

Of course, you can consider some advantages and disadvantages in the process of building log cabins from this beam, comparing it with a log house from this kind of log.

The construction of baths from a beautiful beam according to technology is considered the easiest way than for example, construction from certain logs and is much faster and easier. However, it should be noted that in the process of manufacturing such baths there are extremely few production waste.

Of course, a log house is similar to a design with perfectly even walls. That’s why, they have much lower weight and practically do not sit down, therefore it is not necessary to prepare an extremely heavy foundation under the log house. Since it can last more than 100 years, since it has the ability to reusable exposure to hot and, of course, cold air, without changing these properties.

The construction of baths from a beautiful beam believes that it is in it that it will be extremely simply possible to maintain a certain temperature regime, primarily in winter, since it has minimal heat transfer. Secondly, the main advantage is that this log house from this kind of beam can itself adjust the ideal humidity indoors.

The disadvantages include the complexity when the compaction of various horizontal joints between certain crowns.

Therefore, for log cabins, it is necessary to use square and rectangular bars, the height of which is different, and the width depends, as a rule, on the requirements that present it (constant or, for example, seasonal use) and, of course, the average air temperature. Most often, in the process of building a bath, a certain beam with a beautiful horizontal cross section is used with a size of 100×100 mm, sometimes it is a size of 150×150 mm.

In order for these timber log cabins for a long time to have a original appearance, they must be treated with an antiseptic. That is why, in the process of building baths from this kind of beam, it is believed that a little later this bath from a beautiful timber can be covered with siding or lining.