Nicaragua – unique Creole, Spanish, Indian symbiosis of traditions

Volcanoes that you can rise, waves suitable for surfing, tropical forests, which you can go on a hike, colorful colonial cities where you can have a fun time, the country of Nicaragua does not lack entertainment. It has 78 natural reserves in which you can find interesting tourist attractions.  

The sights of Nicaragua

The city of Leon is considered the intellectual capital of Nicaragua and contains university, religious colleges, the largest cathedral of Central America, several colonial churches, and its city walls are decorated with colorful graffiti. The north of Leona lies Hurvideros de San Hasinto (Hervideros de San Jacinto)-an area with hot springs feeding an underground river, heated by a volcano. An excursion to the city of Granada, located at the foot of the Mombacho volcano (Mombacho) will be interesting. Here you can visit a colorful cathedral built in a neo-classical style, the La Merced Church, the Church of Pisalteva (Jalteva) and the San Francisco Church, the fortress of San Francisco. In the biological reserve of Indio-Maiz (Indio Maiz), many exotic animals, such as macaques, Lamantins, jaguars and several species of eagles, live.

The country of Nicaragua is known for its delightful beaches, among which El Coco, Marsella (Ocotal) and several beaches of the Department of Rivas stand out. From July to January, those who wish can see the turtles of the passlania laying eggs in the reserve of Rio Escalante-CHACOCHECENTE. Exciting campaigns in the natural reserve of the Molombacho volcano. Unique orchids grow at his foot, and the whole country of Nicaragua is visible from his top.

National cuisine Nicaragua

Being a real symbiosis of Creole, Spanish and Indian traditions, the country of Nicaragua will delight a very diverse cuisine. Among the most famous Nicaraguan dishes can be noted: Gallo Pinto – rice, beans, sweet pepper and garlic; Nacatamal – corn dough with butter, stuffed with meat, with potatoes, onions and pepper; Vigorn – vegetable salad. In addition, it is worth trying: indio viejo – meat cooked with onions, garlic, bell pepper and tomatoes; quesillo – cakes with cheese; Tres Leches – a dessert made from milk and whipped cream.

Weather in Nicaragua

Nicaragua relief directly affects the weather conditions of the country’s districts. The average temperatures are: from May to November 24-34 degrees, and from November to April-16-20 degrees. Tropical hurricanes visit Nicaraguan territory quite often, especially in the summer season, and the short dry season lasts from March to May and it is precisely this time that is the most suitable for the excursion here.