Floor insulation on the loggia. The sequence of work

Turn the loggia into the same warm, comfortable and comfortable space, like the rest of the apartment of the apartment is a very popular and rather practical solution to residents of multi -storey buildings who want to change their housing. However, it is necessary to start insulation of the loggia in compliance with all technological processes, otherwise the cozy room can turn into a bouquet of disappointment. Among the main processes, attention is noted – floor insulation on the loggia. This review will be devoted to this production stage.

Preparation of the floor

Although repair work will not take a lot of time and a huge number of investments of material and labor resources – but the sexual basis will serve as a high -quality heat insulator of this room for a long life cycle. Before starting the insulation of the floor on the loggia, you need to get rid of the old coating, and then carefully examine the base. If holes, cracks and obvious voids are detected – they are clearing with the subsequent confusion of the solution. If the identified defects are impressive in size, it is advisable to additionally carry out reinforcement using an improvised iron material or metal mesh. After waiting for the complete drying of such sites and seams – priming is carried out in order to avoid mold and damp formation.

Installation materials

Floor insulation on the loggia is carried out using a variety of building materials: expanded clay, glass wool, foam, but extruded polystyrene foam is considered the most acceptable. Its convenience of installation is achieved due to the fact that it lends itself to cut into a given size, while without loss and waste, since it does not crumble and does not break. On the technical side is a wonderful insulation, which does not change size and structure when exposed to temperatures and other external sources. It is light, not subject to destruction, resistant to high loads. A favorable difference is a long service life, not a grief and serves as an additional sound insulation. In terms of value, extruded polystyrene foam is several positions above no less functional foam.

Installation of electric heaters

For those who want to opt for electric heaters, it is necessary to take into account some nuances. For example: the heating cable is mounted by installing it on the first layer of the base (screed) using the mounting tape, observing a step of 30.00cm, which are subject to the next filling with a new layer of screed. It is possible to operate the finished base without special restrictions from the 28th day, when laying a conventional screed, or holding the time indicated by the manufacturers of individual mixtures, which served to screed. Laying on this basis of ceramic tiles is carried out with the abandonment of the joints between it, from 2 mm to prevent the possible cracking of tiles through its heating and cooling.

Actually, briefly and all. Adhering to technology and production cycles, the owner receives even, beautiful, warm, and no less important – environmentally friendly floor. Therefore, the insulation of the floor on the loggia is a mission is quite perfect, which means that the customers available for a wide range of customers.