Playing technology 3D wallpaper

3D wallpaper is a product with a digital image that creates the effect of a distorted volumetric space. This finishing material has high quality and very expensive. Therefore, you need to work with the wallpaper very carefully, otherwise the expensive coating can be damaged.

3D wallpaper gluing technology – a simple process. Wallpaper should be glued to a well -prepared surface. To do this, remove old wallpapers, eliminate all roughnesses, cracks and chips put down, grind, bringing the wall to a perfectly even state.

Panoramic wallpapers are best glued with an assistant, since it is unlikely that it is hardly possible to perform high -quality work on the docking of the parts of the canvas. If parts of the paintings in the joints are displaced, then the loss of a three -dimensional effect will be inevitable.

It is best to start gluing from markings. With the help of the level, draw a vertical line in the place of the joints of the paintings. Glue is used the same as for vinyl wallpaper, and apply it to the wall. Work should be carried out at a temperature of 22 to 24 degrees. This temperature in the room should be preserved after the completion of the wallpaper gluing process for another day.