Who is a Java developer and his popularity in the world

Freelancing has become not just an alternative to traditional employment, but a whole world of opportunities for those seeking flexibility, creativity and financial independence.

In 2024, this world of professional self-determination and fulfillment has reached its zenith, offering a wide range of opportunities for those seeking to work from anywhere in the world. Let’s look at the 38 most in-demand freelance professions that offer enormous potential for a successful career and stable income.

Java Developer

This specialist programs in Java. The Java language is universal for developing high-load services, for example games, Fintech projects, mobile applications, services for processing big data.

Responsibilities: creating applications in Java, debugging and documenting code, more vacancies in this profession have been published on hh.ru. Implementation of applications, creation of integration modules for external systems, conducting code reviews.

Demand: more than 2,000 vacancies in this profession have been published on hh.ru.

Salary: average monthly income from 105,000 to 545,000 rubles/month.

Best course: GeekBrains – Java Developer. At this course, you will meet experienced speakers, leading developers from SDEK, Gazprombank and Alfa Bank, who will share knowledge and best practices. The most valuable thing about this course is the opportunity to immerse yourself in team development, where you can put your skills into practice. Be part of our intensive project that offers 80 hours of theoretical training and 375 hours of intensive practice. Upon completion, you will be able to add three full projects to your portfolio.