Cozy living room – from English classics to modern high -tech

In the concept of a cozy living room, everyone puts something in their own. For someone, this is a small room with a small sofa on which you can sit with a book or magazine, and for someone-a large space without unnecessary furniture, ideal for noisy parties.

English style – strict and classic

All subtleties of the European style

It can be said without exaggeration that the living room in which there is a fireplace – and it doesn’t matter whether it is wood or electric – an unconditional personification of homemade comfort. Of course, a fireplace, which grows with real logs is a luxury that exclusively owners of private houses can be allowed. And in this case, this is not always possible, because the living room in which the hearth is installed should be large enough, and it will cost it very, very expensive. However, modern electric fireplaces are not only able to warm the house no worse than their wood “brothers”, but also very believably imitate live fire.

As for the design of the living room with a fireplace, the most common option is a room made in the English style. It is hardly possible to imagine a more “enveloping” interior than the one that imitates the old living rooms of foggy albion. Framps in such halls – a central element, an obligatory attribute – an expensive cladding made of natural stone or especially valuable wood species. In the immediate vicinity of the fireplace is a sofa group and a small table, around which all family members gather in the evenings. To accurately withstand the style, upholstered furniture should be inhabited by excellent fabric, most often colorful colors. On the sides of the fireplace, as a rule, make book shelves.

The cozy interior of the living room in the English style is inconceivable without a huge number of different accessories. These are all kinds of paintings, photographs, porcelain, figurines, knitted napkins and blankets, candlesticks and much more. Furniture in such an interior is necessarily wooden, solid and expensive. It is characterized by dark tones – such as, for example, cherries or a red tree, as well as all kinds of carved parts, sometimes covered with gilding.

In the wall decoration, traditional wallpaper is used – in a wide strip or flower. Two types of finishes are often combined – wooden panels in the lower part of the wall and wallpaper or paint – in the upper. Sometimes wooden panels are used to decorate the ceiling, but in this case it must certainly be high. Paul in English living rooms – a traditionally wooden, often covered with carpets made of natural wool.

In general, such an interior is most often performed in dark colors, which imposes some “obligations” on the lighting scenario. According to the requirements of the style, light sources should be there – this is the central chandelier, and wall -mounted sconces, and floor floor lamps and table lamps.

Country and fusion or how to make the hall cozy?

High-tech or “hello, modernity”!

Country style living room is another solution for the fireplace room. This style is characterized by light natural tones, wooden furniture “with history”, painted white and an abundance of natural fabrics with a floral pattern. Used in the interior and metal – aged copper or bronze. Often, wicker furniture is placed in such halls – rocking chairs and chests that replace the tables that give the room additional comfort and warmth. The accessories traditional for this style – pillows, lamps, porcelain sets and figurines, vases with vine or dry colors and other little things play the same role.

Fuzn style is one of the most popular today. The living room in the Fusion genre can be very, very comfortable, since it suggests the most seemingly incredible mixing of details from different times and styles. In one room, a traditional English fireplace, minimalistic furniture and curtains in the style of AD deco, imitation of African animals and many other things can be safely combined. The main thing here is not to overdo it, otherwise the exquisite fusion risks turning into a strange kitsch.

From classics to modernity

However, a hall solved in a modern style can be cozy. A simple interior of the living room does not mean the lack of comfort and home warmth at all – it all depends only on the taste of the owner and his ability to create a mood. First of all, you need to decide on the purpose of this room: will this place of meetings with friends or for gatherings exclusively in the family circle; Will no noisy disco and dancing parties be held here, or whether the dining room for bureaid dinners and lunch will become a room.

So, for the simplest, but at the same time, a stylish interior you need to choose light colors – both in the decoration and in the furniture. If the living room is a place of receiving friends, then it is worth making a choice in favor of warm tones, but if exclusively a family room, then cold shades in a blue or green range will be the best option. As for the furniture, in the first case, priority should be given to seats, whether it be sofas, armchairs or puffs. As a rule, they are placed in such a way that it is convenient for each of the guests to watch TV (which, most often, is the central element of this room) and talk to each other.

It is quite appropriate to fill the family living room with “useful” furniture, placing in it working and coffee tables, chests of drawers and wardrobes. At the same time, it is desirable that the furniture is also light, then the space will seem more.

If the room will be used as a place for parties, then it is worth making sure that the furniture is as much as possible. In addition, you need to think over the lighting of the room well, making additional LED backlight along its entire perimeter. If the dimensions of the room allow, you can place a bar in it – an undoubted attribute of any party.

In the event that the living room plays the role of a family dining room, its central element should become a dining table. It is worth thinking about combining it with a kitchen – if it is impossible technically, then at least about a convenient passage from one room to another. Mix of the kitchen and living room obliges to perform rooms in the same style, otherwise it will look non-armed and ugly.

Speaking directly about the stylistic solution of a simple living room, it is better to dwell on such areas of design fashion as the Scandinavian style, minimalism or modernism. If we are talking about the living room for young people who love stylish and modern interiors, then the solution of this room in the high-tech style will become a real find. Deliberately rude textures, textures of metal and concrete, clear lines and not a single extra detail – all these are unchanging attributes of this fashionable genre today. A fireplace can also be entered into such an interior – it should be as simple as the furniture characteristic of this style. It can be not only a real fireplace, but also its imitation from drywall.

How to create comfort without unnecessary costs?

To turn the easiest interior of the hall into a cozy, it is not at all necessary to resort to big expenses. Beautiful wallpapers – and it can be inexpensive paper, perfectly refresh the usual room. The boring upholstered furniture is easy to updated by sewing covers from any fabric that came to the taste of it. Old shelves and ebrids can be replaced with new ones, making them from sheets of chipboard or drywall. Home -made jewelry will also help to give comfort to the interior:

embroidered pillows and paintings;

ikebans imprisoned in the usual framework for photographs;

Knitted rugs and napkins.

In a word, making the hall cozy is a task feasible to every person. We hope that our tips will help you create the perfect living room in which it will be comfortable for you and your friends.