Serbia is a country of museums, monasteries and bean soup

After the Civil War and the collapse of Yugoslavia, Serbia was revived as a “hot” direction of Eastern Europe. The capital of Belgrade has a wide range of attractions: beautiful museums and galleries, restaurants, cafes and lively nightlife. Far from the capital, Novi-Sad is a charming city with an elegant center and a picturesque fortress that looks at the Danube. Even north, Subotitsa offers a kind of architecture and the Hungarian atmosphere. Voivodin province is very colorful, which is rich in many species of birds, lush valleys and isolated Orthodox monasteries. In the mountainous regions that the country of Serbia is rich in, tourists will find several exciting national parks.

Sights of Serbia

The largest national park of Serbia is the Djerdap Park, where the Jerdap gorge attracts attention. Other national parks are: Sarah, Frushka Gora, Kapaonik and Tara. In Central Serbia is the Zika monastery, where Serbian kings were buried. In the same part of the country, the monasteries Kalenik and Lyubostin are an example of the Serbian School of Architecture. The country of Serbia is rich in medieval and antique monuments. Of particular interest are: Ottoman monuments and the Turkish fortress in the city of NISH, Tower of Cherepov and ruins of the Roman city of Median.

Belgrade will satisfy all the tastes of his guests. It is worth paying attention to: Kalemegdan Park, Belgrade Fortress, Orthodox Council, Princess of Lyubitsa Princess, Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Nikola Tesla, Museum of the Serbian Orthodox Church, National Museum, Museum of Frescene, Ethnographic Museum.

National cuisine of Serbia

A specific Serbian dish is Kajmak – the most oily part of milk, its cream. However, national Serbian cuisine is largely based on soups. Even today, bean soup is a favorite Serbian dish. In addition to soups, the country of Serbia is preparing: cicvara – corn porridge, which is served with feta cheese, sniffing or scrambled eggs, Popara and Proja – corn bread, gibanica – roulette with cottage cheese and egg, ajvar – baked red peppers, bended meat.

Weather in Serbia

In the central regions of Serbia, there is always a little cooler than on the coast, where winter temperatures reach 7 degrees of frost, and summer rise to plus 28-30 degrees. In mountainous areas, it is slightly cooler: until 25 – in the summer, and up to minus 12 – in winter. Naturally, the country of Serbia is more hospitable in the summer months, but preferring an active winter vacation, they can come here in winter. There is no snow deficiency in the mountains.