Harvard graduates and iron roof

Most residents of developing countries use corrugated iron as roofing material. He bribes his cheapness and faith in his iron fortress. However, in fact, it is hot in the summer in the sun, it begins to quickly rust and pass water. The benefits of such a coating are not enough.

At the moment, stained glass ceilings are the most spectacular solution for finishing the ceiling surface. Hitting the imagination of their sophistication and grace, they acquire widespread love and are used in various residential or commercial premises.

So, a group of Harvard graduates proposed the original method of the modular roofing system made of processed plastic. The idea is based on 3D printing opportunities. The new roof is also “smart”. It is not required for its installation that neither nails, nor glue, nor screws are required. The fastening occurs according to the snap system, like a lego. Plastic slabs can be connected in various directions, which allows you to use them for roofs with various modifications. The high strength of the product allows you to cover the room with 3.6×3.6m of 3D printing parts without the use of supporting elements. For the production of such products, young scientists suggest using only local materials – waste of plastic products. Experiments are held in the Dominican Republic, where processing enterprises will be organized. And this is the creation of additional jobs. Now plastic slabs and plastic bricks are tested, which can be filled with holes during the repair of the roof.