The country of Hungary

The state of Hungary is located with the very center of Europe. Capital of the state city of Budapest.


Speaking of this amazing state, first of all, it is worth mentioning the main city-budapest. The view of the main part of the city is listed in UNESCO. It is worth visiting the central square of the city located on it the monument to the light of the Trinity. It is also worth visiting the temple, where the famous Hungarian kings and the largest Church of Budapest – St. Istwan, and of course, the acting parliament is the undoubted attraction of the city. Budapest is very rich in museums, such as: the Hungarian National Historical Museum, the Hungarian National Museum of Natural History, the Ethnographic Museum, the Museum of Modern Art and many other museums. Undoubtedly, one of the main attraction of the city is the chain bridge.

Not only Budapest, but also other cities of Hungary are able to their unique attractions. It is worth visiting the Bishop Palace of the eighteenth century in the shombateli, the Gothic temple in the nirbator. As well as the Bruncvik castle in Vatsratot, the castle of Yevgeny Savoy in Kev, the Cathedral and the Tower of the Eighteenth century in Segede.

Hungary is a state not only where you can see museums, churches, cathedrals, etc. D., But also this is a state that is rich in natural attractions, such as the famous Lake Balaton, where you can restore your strength and relax, there is so crystal pure water that it can even be drunk. Also on the territory of Hungary are the largest thermal lake – Heviz.

National cuisine

National cuisine of Hungary is rightfully considered one of the main kitchens of the world. Undoubtedly, the most famous Hungarian dish is goulash. The dish is cut not small pieces of the cape, which is stewed in tomato sauce with the addition of a large amount of onion and with the addition of a small amount of wine.

The main ingredients of Hungarian cuisine are onions, niche, paprika and of course meat. Of these ingredients, the Hungarians prepare most of their branded dishes, which, thanks to different additives, are diverse and tasty. The Hungarians prefer sauer cucumbers, cabbage, onions and paprika from salads. Undoubtedly, every lunch of Hungarians should end with dessert. They prefer pancakes, various pastries and fruits.


Hungary climate is characterized by soft, not frosty winter and hot summer. In January, the average temperature is +2 degrees, in February +3, in March +8, in April +10, in May +20, in June +23, in July and in August +27, in September +23, in October + 15, in November +10 and in December +3