How to sound a soundproof apartment

Most of those living in multi-storey buildings often have to experience discomfort, due to noise, audible either from the street or from neighbors. Therefore, they have to think about the sound insulation of their home. True, this requires large cash costs not only for building materials, as well as for paying for the work of builders. However, in order to save, all the sound insulation work can be done independently.

First you need to deal with the windows, as a lot of noise penetrates the apartment from the street. The easiest option would be to install metal -plastic windows. They will significantly reduce noise level. Even as an option, you can consider the lubrication of the sash with a silicone sealant, and then installing a rubber seal along the edges. By the way, now they often began to repair suspended ceilings, usually specialists are engaged in this.

In the places of the joint of the wall and ceiling, as well as the walls and floor, cracks appear in time, which pass the sounds from neighbors. In this case, all cornices and skirting boards should be dismantled, make grooves 4 cm wide, and fill them with a cement mortar. And after solidifying the solution, apply silicone sealant to it.

The sound also falls through the front door. It is desirable to install a double door here. In this case, the door should be tightly pressed to the box. The use of rubber seals on the door that will create excellent warmth and sound insulation will not damage.