Why is it worth visiting Grenada

Grenada is a state that is located on the islands-Walkans. Nature here is very diverse. There are several mineral springs with boiling water, fascinating waterfalls, deep mountain lakes and clean beaches with warm sand and crystal clear water. All this attracts tourists very much.

Almost all cities in the country are located along the coast – respectively, all of them are resort towns. Inside the island extensor plantations of fragrant cocoa, bananas and various spices extend.

Walking through the tropical forest, you can see the fate untouched by people – the ancient forest. During a walk in the forest, you will not be bored, you will hear overwhelming singing of island birds who love tourists very much.

Those who first visit the beaches of Grenada will be very surprised by the black sand on them – this is volcanic sand. In some places, near the very shore, you can see coral reefs.

Grenada national cuisine

Grenada cuisine combined African, Indian and French cuisines. Seafood dishes are very popular in the country. Prepared by local cooks, they acquire a unique taste.

Sweet potatoes, breadwood, legumes are considered national products in Grenada. The dish has gained great popularity, in which chopped fruits of bread tree with pieces of green banana are mixed – such a kind of salad is obtained.

On the islands, dishes prepared from Kallalu, vegetables prepared from meat are popular. Local residents love to enjoy shrimp and crabs, turtle meat and caviar of the sea hedgehog. All dishes are seasoned with a large amount of spicy pepper, nutmeg and served along with various sauces.

Grenada climate

In Grenada Marine Subequatorial Climate. The average monthly temperature in the country ranges from +25 s to +28 s. Rains go very often. Basically, the precipitation period lasts from June to the month to October month. There may be up to 22 rainy days per month. In the relatively dry period (from January to April) per month, it is up to 12 days when it rains. An average of 1500 mm falls over a year of precipitation.

Hurricanes often occur on the island. Mostly they have been from mid -July to October.

The best time for visiting the country by tourists is the period from November to the beginning of June.