Hamlet House – Kronborg Castle

The world -famous Kronborg castle is primarily thanks to the “Hamlet” of the Great Shakespeare, the castle is the most famous attraction of Denmark, which, annually, is visited by about 200,000 sensors and foreign visitors.

Location. Not far from the city of Helsingor (Helsingor), the Kronborg Castle is located at the northernmost point of the island of Zealand, in the narrowest place of the Eresuna Strait (Oresund). He is considered the main representative of the Renaissance not only in Denmark, but throughout Northern Europe.

Kronborg castle

Description. Currently, Kronborg Castle is a museum where adults and children will find a lot of interesting things for themselves. In 1580, King Frederick Second ordered 40 tapestries, which depicted 113 Danish kings. These works of weaving masters are exposed today in one of the castle halls. Fans of contemporary art can see it in the external fortifications of the castle, where artists workshops are located. Children will also be interesting in Kronborg, and a brochure dedicated to the castle will surprise with illustrations and puzzles. Both children and adults will be fascinated by a charming banquet lock, or intrigued with casemates. A separate attraction of the Kronborg castle is the statue of Holger Danski – the national hero of Denmark.