How to put a parquet yourself?

Parquet board is durable and convenient to operate. That is why it is so popular in modern houses. Using a parquet board, you can decorate the floor in the bedroom, in the kitchen and even in the bathroom. If you want the coating to serve you for a long time, then you should adhere to some rules when laying a parquet board.

There is nothing complicated in this procedure. The main thing is to observe the algorithm of work. For laying parquet, the floor must be perfectly even. To do this, you can put plywood under the parquet board. But before that, it is necessary to pour a cement screed pour. If the floor is based on a wooden flooring, then each board must be securely fixed so that the floorboards do not loosen in the future. But it is best to use a stable basis from cement or concrete to lay a parquet.

In order for the picture to be beautiful, it is necessary to start laying boards from cropped elements. First, determine how many whole boards you need, and how many pieces. The latter should be located along the edges of the room.

Parquet board may have a different price. Regardless of how expensive the board you purchased, if you do the laying incorrectly, it can be very soon to deteriorate. Karelia Parquet in St. Petersburg is offered at affordable prices. It is distinguished by a variety of styles and environmental cleanliness.

There are several methods of laying a parquet board:

Floating. In this case, the parquet is laid without the use of glue. This method is the simplest and most economical. However, it is the most short -lived, since as a result of mechanical damage or shrinkage of the house, the boards can be disconnected.

Glue. The main coating is decorated with adhesive solution. Parquet boards are attached to it.

Installation on the lags. First, the base is attached. After it is finally fixed, parquet boards are attached.

Linoleum flooring, tiles, etc. D. The floating method is used here.

Do not rush to lay the parquet immediately after acquisition. Give the Parquet board to acclimatize.