How to install a shower cabin

It will not be enough just to buy a shower cabin. It is necessary to collect it correctly and install it. First, it is worth checking the integrity of the entire accessories in the kit. Check and the presence of all parts.

First you will need to assemble the pallet. Usually the pallets are equipped with small legs. They will only need to be correctly exposed and screwed with nuts. After that, it will be possible to start mounting the slope hose.

One end should be attached to the pallet. The second will need to be brought into the drain hole. Check if the gasket for connecting is reliable. If it is not strong enough, you can use a waterproof sealant.

Be sure to install a tee for hot and cool water. It will be necessary to connect the shower itself there. It is worth carefully to close all the joints with sealant.

Shower cabin will need a special separate socket. It will need to be carried out in advance. You will need a rosette designed for rooms with high humidity.

The assembly and installation of the walls will be special in each individual case. Everything will depend on the type of shower cabin. Fix the walls with ordinary connecting bolts. For installation of doors, special roller mechanisms are used.

It may also be necessary to use additional fasteners. Remember that first you need to install the walls of the shower cabin, then install the ceiling and only then put the doors.

If you plan to carry the shower, then we select a mobile shower cabin, which can be installed at home and in the country. Some modern booths are equipped with various electronics. Electronics will work from a voltage of 12 volts. Therefore, you need a special converter.

Be sure to take care of hose for water drainage. It will be better that the hose has a thread connection. If they are not, you will have to purchase them. If you look at practice, then the clamps that are provided with the cabin, as a rule, are of low quality. So it is better not to use them, but immediately buy new, better.

After you set the shower, it will be necessary to check the strength of the sealant. To do this, turn on a small pressure of water. If you notice the smudges, it will be necessary to treat the seams with a sealant again.

The general plan for installing a shower cabin is described here. It can vary depending on the cabin model. But still the general sequence remains the same.