How to make a foundation for a bath with your own hands

Photo foundation for a bathhouse

When the future owner chose the location in his site, the size of the future building, the internal device, it is important to solve the question of what exactly the foundation project will be.

Ribbon or column foundation?

The foundation for baths can be columnar and strip. In terms of manufacture, a strip foundation is simple, however, in terms of the number of materials used, it is not very economical. Most often, a bathhouse of concrete or brick is put on such a foundation. Concrete is prepared for him from gravel, clean sand, cement and water. It is important to comply with the ratios of all components, it is in this case that you get the right foundation on which your bathhouse will stand for a very long time. Water should be a third less cement, and gravel is twice more than sand. In winter, it is more advisable to use heated water for the preparation of concrete. This will help accelerate hardening and setting. In the summer, on the contrary, it is necessary to use cold water.

During the construction of a chopped, frame or block bath, a column foundation is used. It is much cheaper than strip, it is used only when the soil is heavy and dense. Its essence is that at the corners of the bath, as well as at the ends of the load -bearing walls, columns are installed at a distance of two meters from each other. The design of the foundation from a pipe that is filled with concrete is a reliable and durable structure.

Pile foundation

There is a pile foundation, it is well suited if the walls of the buildings are light – wooden or thyroid. The construction of the foundation of this takes much less time than a strip. Now there are many information where it is described in detail how to make the foundation, you can consult with specialists. Separately, it is necessary to make the foundation for a home -made oven for a bathhouse.


Just building the foundation is not always enough for it to serve a long time to provide good protection against various kinds of external negative factors. Water is the first enemy of any foundation, so the waterproofing of the foundation should be made extremely carefully. In this case, your bathhouse will serve you a long service without any repair.

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