How to choose a good electric meat grinder

Automation in the kitchen is increasingly attracting housewives – dishwashers, bleeders and mixers, electric meat grinders have already won their place. Saving time, a lot of capabilities, free hands – these are just a few positive points of using kitchen devices and assemblies. The electric meat grinder is no exception to this list. Remember how difficult you did a manual meat grinder. Therefore, having decided to purchase an electric model, you will not regret at all. But the right to choose a meat grinder for many seems to be a problem, and in this article we will help you understand the pluses and minuses of electric meat grinders.

The first and undeniable advantage of an electrician -grinder is that such a fairly laborious process as preparation of minced meat is automated. Literally a few minutes of work – and minced meat for cutlets or a tark is ready. A large number of different auxiliary devices allows not only to process meat, but also grate vegetables, cut sausage or cheese, squeeze juice, etc. D. That is why to choose a good meat grinder means to save time and keep a good mood.

The main technical and operational characteristics of the electromyas -RUSSOMK are given below:

1. The power of the unit plays an important role when choosing a model. Power of a thousand watts will be quite enough to cope with any task. The productivity of the meat grinder also directly depends on its power. So, having an engine power of 100 watts, a meat grinder can process up to 1.3 kilograms of meat per minute. Agree – it is impressive.

2. The material from which an electric meat grinder is made is also extremely important for its proper and effective operation. Food plastic, from which, for the most part, the case of a meat grinder is made, is able to withstand large loads offered by the consumer. The knives of the device, a screw, grilles, gearbox – all these elements are made of high -strength steel, since it is they who take on the entire mechanical load.

3. When deciding which meat grinder to choose, make sure of the safe design of the device – when the meat grinder is turned on, the correct construction of the case will not allow the fingers to reach the screw. Squists are usually made of metal, but for processing vegetables and fruits, a meat grinder can be equipped with a plastic screw. Such models of a meat grinder cost about 150-160 US dollars. Periodic sharpening of knives will greatly facilitate the work of a meat grinder, and it will last you much longer. Although there are models with self -soothing knives.

4. The lattices for the meat grinder also differ in the diameter of the holes, and 2-3 interchangeable disks should be included.

There are quite a lot of additional functions of the electric meat, and this is another argument in favor of choosing such a meat grinder. The reverse of the screw will help to pull the stuck core from the meat grinder. The protection of the electric motor does not allow it to overheat with increased loads. A simple solution – a temperature sensor – will give a meat grinder a little cool, after which the signal light will report that the device is ready to work again.

Loading platform, or tray (tray), which is attached to the feeding hole of the meat grinder, allows you to easily and safely load products for their processing. The pusher will help to advance the product in the neck as efficiently and safely as possible.

Kubbe nozzle (Kebbe) serves to obtain hollow tubes, that is, you can prepare stuffed meat sausages. Nozzle for preparing home sausages, juicer for all types of fruits, vegetables, shift, grater – all these devices will allow you to decide how to choose an electric meat grinder with the most complete set of functionality.