Egypt is an interesting country with ancient history

The pharaohs who ruled the country for a long time left behind a lot of mysteries and secrets. And the paradox is that, having unraveled one of them, you can see the next. The same applies to everything else-tourists visiting Egypt do not stop for themselves again and again discover something new in the culture, life and customs of the country.

And the main advantage of the country is that excellent beach holidays here are perfectly combined with interesting and informative excursions.

Hurghada Egypt one of the main Egyptian resorts is Hurghada. This city is located on the Red Sea coast. There is everything for a great rest – many fashionable hotels, endless sandy beaches and night entertainment.

And for those who do not like to sit in one place for a long time, a variety of excursions are offered. Where can you go to those who are interested in history?

Thebes of one of the main attractions of Egypt is Luxor. In the days of ancient Egypt, the city of Thebes was located here – the capital of the state.

The city can be divided into two parts. “The city of the living” is a modern city on the right bank of the Nile. There are residential areas, including numerous hotels, as well as railway and bus stations. Two famous temples are located on the same shore – Luxor and Karnaxi.

The temple of the god Amon-Ra in ancient times, these two temples were connected by an alley of 365 sphinxes. In the Luxor Temple there is a large yard with 74 huge columns, two huge statues of the pharaoh Ramses II (in full height and, sitting on the throne), four colossus and obelisk. The Karnak complex includes several temples. First of all, this is the Great Temple of the god Amon-Ra.

Each pharaoh contributed to the construction of this temple. During the reign of Ramses II, the magnificent column hall was completed, under Ramses III the construction of the temple of the god Hongs was started, under Tutmos IV the Alabastral Chapel was built, with the Tsarina Hatshepsut (the only woman-farae in the history of Egypt) erected a red chapel with images of her coronation scenes and sacrifices. Among other temples on the territory of the complex, especially revered by the pharaohs, the temple of the goddess of the war Sekhmet, the temple of the god Ptach and the Cariathid Hall.

Singing statues “City of the dead” are located on the left bank of the Nile. From the attractions available here, we will highlight the main ones: this is the Valley of the Kings with the Tombs of the Pharaohs, including the tomb of Tutankhamun, in which no simple treasures were found.

This is the funeral temple of Queen Hatshepsut with a colonnade that is carved in the rock. This is Medinet-Abu-the temple of Ramses III with unique bas-reliefs depicting his military campaigns. These are the Colosses of Memnon – two huge statues depicting the seated pharaoh Amenhotep III. As a result of the earthquake, cracks appeared in one of the statues, and the statue sometimes makes sounds similar to the whistle of the wind, for which it is called the “singing statues”.