How to use roofing roofing

Ruberoid is now very in demand in any modern construction. Sales of it are growing every year. Some of our compatriots are interested in the rental of villas in Kemer, others themselves build a house and household buildings. And this material is just suitable for various works related to roofing or its repair. Types of roofing material are different, differing from each other in the nature of the sprinkles.

What types of roofing material are on the market

The main classification of roofing material:

with coarse -grained sprinkling. Apply when laying out the upper and lower layers of the roof and when the roof isolated. Usually laid on mastic, cold or hot;

With scaly sprinkling. Such material is made both in one -sided and bilateral options. For different occasions, different mastics are chosen. One -sidedly put only on preheated mastic, and bilateral can be on cold;

With fine -grained sprinkling. Like the previous one, there is only one – and bilateral. They lay out the lower row of a roofing carpet, used for waterproofing;

Layer. Sprinkling. Used in the same work as fine -grained.

Roofing roofing roofing room: we repair ourselves

Since the roof covered with roofing roof is short -lived, you have to patch it often. The process is simple. Having all the necessary tools with them, installation is carried out together:

One master using a gas burner warms up the roofing material to the required temperature;

the other rolls the roll sequentially.

All rows of rolls should lie down evenly, without distortions. The edges should be carefully fixed, otherwise the roofing room will begin to bend under the gusts of the wind, and it will break it sooner or later.

Of course, the villa in Antalya is unlikely to be covered by roofing material, elite materials are used for this. But for home households, it is very suitable due to the availability and price.