The heart of the Islamic world is the country of Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is revealed for thousands of visitors every year, but few of them come here as a tourist. This is a conservative state that connects Asia and Africa, is the spiritual heart of the Islamic world, so most visitors are pilgrims who came to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Despite this, the country of Saudi Arabia is very interesting in tourist terms, offering a large number of unique attractions.

The attractions of Saudi Arabia

The most modern city of Saudi Arabia is Jeddah, where cosmopolitan hotels and restaurants, fish and meat markets are functioning, and where you can see Ottoman architecture in coral color. The north of the city is located a source of blast (Obhir), which proposes excellent conditions for diving, fishing, water skis and sailing, and excellent beaches are equipped in the al-Khobar bay (Al Khobar. Wildlife is represented in the ASIR mountains, which are populated by pasty, gazelles and leopards. In the same region, there is an ancient city of Karyat-al-Fau (Qaryat-L-Fau) with its magnificent towers and Najran, known for its medieval dam and a colorful temple.

It is worth visiting the capital of Riyadh, where the ancient Fort Masmak (Masmak) and the Najdi Palace recall the rule of the great ibn Saud. The ancient world is represented in such an ancient territory as the country of Saudi Arabia, ruins in Timna (Timna) and Shiba (Shiba), which were hidden in pomegranate, lemon and banana gardens.

National cuisine of Saudi Arabia

Typical food of Saudi Arabia is lamb or chicken with rice. Pork is prohibited by Islam, like alcohol, instead of which tea, coffee, camel milk or Laban are served – the type of yogurt. Another national food is Arikah – a type of bread that is especially tasty with honey, and another delicacy is a locust, which, fried, rides at various events. The country of Saudi Arabia is the territory of the Bedouins who hunt. Dishes of rabbits, foxes and various birds of the desert fall on their table.

Weather in Saudi Arabia

The climate in Arabia is hot, tropical and extremely dry. Summer temperatures do not drop below 30 degrees, and winter, most often hold around 20 degrees, although frosts are possible in the desert, at night. The 30-degree temperature difference is another climatic feature of the Arabian Peninsula, in which the country of Saudi Arabia is located.