Country Indonesia

The country of Indonesia is located in the southeastern part of Asia, the greatest island state throughout the Earth. The capital of Indonesia is the city of Jakarta, the state language – Indonesian.

The attractions of Indonesia

In terms of originality of national architecture, the country of Indonesia is unique. Definitely the consequence of cultures that differ from each other – Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and European.

Interests are caused by the oldest Hindu churches “Chandi” on the Dienga plateau (a large cavity, which was formed as a result of the eruption of a large volcano), in the main part of the island of Java, the colossal sanctuary of Borobudur tells about the ground life of the Buddha and his appeals. The Hindu temple complex of Lara Jongrang in Pramanan is especially beautiful. In the east of Java is a very luxurious, unusual form temple complex Panataran. Java’s native edge of the batik is famous for its jewelry of gold, silver, individual daggers – Chris. In the capital of Indonesia in the big city of Jakarta there is a wonderful museum complex “Indonesia in miniature”, as well as Taman Mini – with temples, an archaeological museum, a church in Villem, the Presidential Palace, the National Museum, all this is a great interest among tourists.

In Indonesia, you can also admire beautiful lakes, see the huge dragons on the island of Komodo, sunbathe on the snow -white beaches of Bali, visit the crater of the active volcano.

National cuisine of Indonesia

The cuisine of Indonesia is extremely appetizing, spices use peculiar ones, which creates a special Indonesian taste of national cuisine. The main ingredient of all national dishes is seafood, rice, seasonings and corn, as well as potatoes and gifts of bread. Salads are popular, Indonesian cuisine is very reminiscent of Chinese, but exclusively Indonesian dishes are also found. A piquant chicken or fish baked in a banana sheet is very popular. The peculiar and attractive Balia dishes, for example, such as a salad with a duck breast and mango sauce, lamb on skewers and for dessert chocolate cupcake. You can also order a fried banana, rice pudding and rice flour cookies to the dessert.

From alcoholic beverages, you should try beer (TAOK), which is cooked from palm juice, it has an original and tasty taste. Undoubtedly, you should try rice wine. And from non -alcoholic beverages, of course, national drink black coffee.

Indonesia climate

Indonesia is dominated. With a subequatorial climate, two periods are formed: rainy, which lasts from November to February and dry, which lasts from March to October the month.

The air temperature during the day, all year round reaches plus twenty -eight – plus thirty -five degrees Celsius, in the mountains a little colder plus twenty degrees Celsius, there are frosts at night in the mountains.

The temperature of the coastal waters, in all areas, falls at least plus twenty -six degrees Celsius.