How to choose a universal flooring

In the current conditions, it is difficult not to get confused when choosing flooring. Indeed, what objects we have not affected – whether it is tennis courts or a dwelling, everywhere we will encounter a variety of materials. Of course, each of the existing coatings has a number of advantages and disadvantages that allow us to talk about their relevance in a particular room.

If decorativeness comes to the fore in an interior in an apartment or office, then industrial floors may not be so attractive – the main reliability here. Fortunately, there is no shortage of materials that satisfy one or another requirements. Let’s see which of them is particularly popular.

Continuing the theme of industrial coatings, it is impossible not to mention the bulk floors. Such systems have the basis of polymers, due to the properties of which are highly resistant to various influences, including chemical and mechanical. Due to its versatility, bulk flooring is used in residential premises, although this is done quite rarely. It is clear that materials with greater decorativeness are used to create interior compositions.

Another “universal” floor covering can be called ceramic tiles, including ceramic tiles. It is not used only in sports (not counting the pools). Of course, this method of facing horizontal surfaces cannot be called cheap, but strength and durability are at the level. That is, with confidence it can be argued that the material is “worth it”. Given the variety of shades and design solutions, which takes place in this case, you can attractly design not only the trading floor, but also the premises of the food industry workshop.

Most of wooden coatings are used only in housing construction (or in the design of public premises). Previously, it was also possible to see wooden sports grounds everywhere, but in modern conditions they give way to more wear -resistant and unpretentious materials – the same rubber, for example. And for offices or hotels, the parquet will be an indicator of status. The same can be said about the laminate. Moreover, this artificial analogue can have a cost not lower than the parquet – in this case, it all depends on the quality of the material.

Carpet coatings can be used both in sports and in everyday life. For industry, they are too unstable. Moreover, in the first two cases, synthetic carpet should be preferred, since it is more wear. Naturally, for a bedroom in a residential apartment and for a “passage” office, and even more so – for a sports ground, completely different materials are used. Only the name unites them. The service life of the carpet depends on what exactly the materials were made. Nylon is considered the highest quality in this case, then acrylic materials, polyester -based coatings and, finally, polypropylene carpets. The most persistent nylon can last up to fifteen years.

In household and commercial premises, including industrial (referring to light industry), you can also find floor coverings from linoleum. This material is very stressed. In addition, the most durable – synthetic commercial linoleum – is very tough and can last up to 25 years.

When choosing materials for the floor, it is important to consider the functions of the room. It is equally important to subsequently ensure the coating of proper care.