Balkan paradise – Country of Montenegro

The stormy history of Montenegro left many monuments throughout its territory. The turquoise sea with endless beaches, crystal clean rivers and enchanting mountain ranges, which is replete with the country of Montenegro, turned it into an ideal place for an unforgettable rest. This Balkan Paradise is Claskan with a large amount of sunny days in the summer and a huge amount of snow in winter, so the country of Montenegro is attractive regardless of the season.

The attractions of Montenegro

The most picturesque city of Montenegro is Kotor, in which you can visit the port and the historical center, a medieval tower with a clock, a cathedral built in the 12th century, and the Naval Museum. Other historical places are the city of Herceg-nin, which is more than 700 years old, the city of the fuel, built in the Gothic style, as well as Ultsin, where the Balzitsa tower, the mosque and the church of the Renaissance, in which the city museum is now located, is distinguished.

Tourists who arrived in Montenegro should visit: the Mausoleum Najegos (Njegos) on the massif Lydin, the monastery of the prison, built on a vertical rock, the beaches of Ulcinjska, extending 13 kilometers. Another country of Montenegro offers a huge number of natural attractions. It is worth highlighting: National Park Durmister, rich in pine and deep picturesque gorges, Lake Scadar in the Zeat-Scab Valley, where more than 20 monasteries and numerous islands, the Biogradsk National Park, Bjelasitsa, Sinjajevina (Sinjajvevina), Vucje (Vucjevina) found shelter. ) and Kljuca (kljuca).

National cuisine of Montenegro

The country of Montenegro does not strive to compete with Western luxurious restaurants, but offers a cozy atmosphere and delicious traditional dishes. Gurmans can enjoy such dishes as: grill lamb, Pivski Kajmak – milk dough, carp and kefali ear. Incredibly delicious desserts of Montenegro, prepared from cheese, peaches and melons. Likes the local population to pamper alcoholic beverages, for example, Niksicko beer and grape vodka, biting with ham, goat bro and tomatoes.

Weather in Montenegro

Despite the fact that the country of Montenegro is not great, its climatic conditions are quite diverse. On the coast, the hot summer (28-30 degrees) and the dry, rocky plateaus was marked by a large amount of precipitation, the plain is protected from the exposure of the sea, so here is even hotter than on the coast (30-32 degrees) in the summer and cooler in winter (0-3 degrees ). The most cool on the highlands, where the snow is preserved from November to mid -March.