Eritrea’s country – the hot pole of the earth

An exotic country of Eritrea extends along the coastal line of the Red Sea. Turkish and Egyptian colonial periods left behind a rich cultural, architectural and culinary heritage. Another country in Eritrea uses an abundance of natural attractions, including a wide variety of wildlife.

The attractions of Eritrea

The capital of Asmara, more recently, was a small settlement, but after the Italians, in 1897, transferred the capital here, the city began to develop rapidly. Today, here you can visit the magnificent Cathedral built in the Latin style, several colorful churches and mosques, including Al-Khulaf al-Rashidin, in the construction of which used Carrarian marble, Asmara, National Museum. The city of Massawa (Massawa) was an important center in ancient times and remains an important port on the Red Sea. It is built in the Turkish-Egyptian style. His harbor and the old city were destroyed during the civil war, but still impressive. Hence, visitors can reach the island of Sheikh-Said, which the country of Eritrea protects, as a national natural treasure.