How to make a repair of plumbing with your own hands

Excellent functioning of plumbing is possible if you regularly carry out its preventive processing. It is also important to be able to make urgent minor repairs of emerging breakdowns with your own hands. Prevention involves the use of special devices that are installed in the drain hole of the shells (lattices). They can be purchased at any business store. It is necessary to ensure that large waste does not fall into the sink, and do the washing of the drain holes. The most affordable tool for this purpose is boiling water.

Elimination of blockage

As a rule, the clogging place is located near the wastewater (a curved piece of the pipe under the bathroom or sink). This place is called Siphon. It can be cleared in various ways. For example, using a plunger. For this, the plunger is tightly pressed to the drain and open water (hot). In this case, water meters begin to spin. Then it is necessary to quickly raise and lower the cable. This is a very effective cleaning method. In addition, a vacuum cleaner is used to clean the drain. You can attach the hose to the device (to the fiery hole) and lean it against the plum site. A tight connection is achieved using a wet rag.

In the case when the above methods were ineffective, resort to disassembling the siphon. To do this, remove the rubber plug. It is convenient to clean the siphon with a piece of hard wire. If you have other plots of plumbing, then only plumbing can do them can handle them.

Crane repair

A good housewife should be able to repair small water supply malfunctions. Indeed, due to the small breakdowns of water-calling devices, we carry water losses that is supplied to the house. Most often it is a leak of water from a crane and a toilet tank. The cause of the current crane may be the wear of the gasket. In this case, it must be replaced. To do this, first block water access to the tap (using a shut -off crane). At the same time, it must be remembered that the repair of a shut-off crane can only be carried out. After all, for this you need to block water outside your home.

The rapid wear of the crane laying occurs due to too strong twisting. This leads to its gradual destruction. A reasonable approach to the use of plumbing will help prevent possible malfunctions in its work.