Growing strawberries in a plastic bag – how effective this method is?

Surely, you heard about growing strawberries at home using an ordinary plastic bag. There is information that this method is very effective, makes it possible to get a large number of large and juicy fruits. Many people even open their own business, growing berries at home, selling them in the market. If you are interested in how true this information is, whether the strawberries are really growing and fruit in plastic bags, then you can find answers to all these questions in this article.

Let’s make sure of all the above on personal experience, having tried to grow strawberries in this way. To implement the idea, you will need dense polyethylene, from which it is not difficult to make a bag of the desired size later; a substrate purchased in a store or cooked with your own hand; Strawberry seedlings.

Now you need to choose a room where we could place our bags with strawberries. Garage, shed, balcony, any other non -residential room will perfectly cope with this role. The main condition is the ability to maintain room temperature in the place where strawberries are located, because the plant is very demanding on the temperature regime, does not tolerate frosts.

Cooking bags for planting seedlings

First of all, you need to evaluate the size of free space in the apartment, which you are ready to divert for growing strawberries. If there are very few places, vertical beds will be saved, which can be made with the help of plastic bags mentioned above, filled with substrate. In order to create vertical beds, you will need to perform simple actions in the following sequence:

We take dense white polyethylene. It is better if it is reinforced. Next, we make a bag from it, the diameter of which will be 16-20 cm. We solder the edges of polyethylene, giving the bag tightness;

Fill the made bag with a special substrate. It can also be prepared independently by mixing ordinary earth, sawdust and organic fertilizers;

Now we install the bag in the right position or suspend it for more convenience to care for strawberries, harvesting;

We make holes 7 cm long in polyethylene, where we will subsequently plant seedlings. Remoteness of slots from each other-18-20 cm.

We see that with watering such beds, difficulties may arise, so we will take care of the irrigation system in advance, which is made very simply. Above the bag you need to hang a two -liter bottle, from which several tubes should leave (you can from the dropper). The free ends of the tubes are inserted into polyethylene every half meters. In order for the water to move freely through the system, at the top of the bottle you need to make several holes that prevent the formation of a vacuum. Note that a two -liter bottle is enough for one day, therefore, do not forget to replenish water supplies in our system.

Lighting beds and microclimate for them

The strawberries will receive less light in the bags than growing in open ground, so take care of the additional lighting that can be organized using daylight lamps. They must radiate yellowish light, it will be more useful for seedlings. Periodically the bag must be rotated so that the light falls on all the bushes evenly. The perfect daylight day for strawberries is 14 hours, in which case it is fruit well, and the berries are very juicy. Try to ensure the lighting of bags during this time.

The proper conditions of the microclimate in this case are also very important. Maintain the temperature regime in the room using a fan and heater. For large rooms, you will need a steam generator, exhaust ventilation, other professional and productive equipment.

In summer, the risk of steaming the roots increases, because the temperature of the substrate in the bag will increase significantly. Make sure the room where strawberries grows is well ventilated.

Note that this method of growing strawberries is realized real, but there are more effective and economical methods that give excellent results.