Saint-Vinadin and Grenadines-shelter surrounded by magnificent nature

Saint-Vincent is an island that does not depend on the tourism industry, and the grenadines are isolated and can be reached only by ferry or by air. The country of Saint Vincent and Grenadani is ideal for travelers who are looking for shelters surrounded by magnificent nature, without hotels, casinos and idle crowds. Saint-Vincent will delight with magnificent tropical forests, colorful mountains and many miles of a charming coastline. Each inch of its territory is covered, either jungle or local farms. The landscape changes in the Grenadines – high mountains are transformed into valleys and flat plains.

Attractions of Saint-Vinadent and Grenadines

Valley Mesopotamia-Marakua (Mesopotamia/Marriaqua) is a large territory covered with lush vegetation. It is dominated by the Bonhomme mountains and rivers, which make their way along the Canyon Yambou (Yambou), the Montreal Garden is located in the Saint-Winsent mountains, where you can see a wide range of flowers and other exotic plants.

Almost a third of the island is occupied by the Volcano La Soufriere, which rises to a height of 1234 meters. Another attraction of the island is the Trinity Falls, located two hours from the capital of Kingstown. The city itself is impressed by the botanical garden founded in 1768. Interesting country of Saint-Vinsent and Grenadier with its foot routes. The most fascinating route is vermont, which crosses almost all the sights of the islands.

National cuisine St. Vinadin and Grenadines

The main products of local cuisine are rice, potatoes, fish, fruit of bread and bananas. Many local residents grow the culture of Marante used in local desserts. Like most of the nearby territories, the country of St. Vinadin and Grenadines uses a lot of acute pepper, which is called Scotch Bonnet, and the delicacies are sea shells, meat and Callou soups and Callou soups are here.

Weather on St. Vinadin and Grenadani

Having a tropical climate, warm and very even, the country of St. Winet and Grenadines is hospitable throughout the year. The average annual temperature on the archipelago is 26 degrees, and the temperature difference is only 9 degrees. Rains are more likely to go on the island of Saint-Vincent, most of all from May to November. Hurricanes are frequent at this time. From December to April, the dry season comes, which is most favorable for relaxation on these full exotic, islands.