The loss of a ticket (documents) abroad. What to do

The loss of a ticket to any internal flight is not a problem. It will be possible to restore an air ticket or make a duplicate, while paying a fine. Not quite pleasant, of course, but you need to pay for carelessness. If there is a range of air tickets for an international flight, then the problem can be solved, although it will not be quite simple. To restore an air ticket that has disappeared on the territory of the native country, it will be enough to contact the agency that sold documents. In the event of such an unpleasant situation abroad, help will have to wait from the representative office of the airline, the services of which you were going to use. If the documents were stolen, then you must definitely contact the police, where they will draw up a protocol, a copy of which will need to be presented in the airline’s office.

To restore the data, a representative of a company engaged in air flights will contact a local agency whose services you have used. For the resurrection of information, you need to know the departure date, name your last name and the search process will be launched. Waiting time can be significantly reduced if you know other data necessary for identification. And if the number of the air ticket is known, then there will be no problems at all. Confirmation will come very quickly, and duplicates of the documents will be issued almost instantly. However, knowing the number is almost not realistic if there is no photocopy of documents, because few people will feel free to remember the meaningless set of numbers and letters. Moreover, the people of our country, relying on the whole Russian “maybe”, often do not care about to insure themselves. After all, we all hope that nothing bad can happen, and if it suddenly happens, then, of course, not with us.

The loss of a ticket, passport or other documents is not a tragedy, hopeless situations, as is not known, but is it not easier to take care of his own calm even before the trip. To do this, you need to make copies of all documents giving the right to a flight certifying personality and other seemingly insignificant, but such important pieces of paper.

Когда произошла п ропажа авиабилета, предпринимать все необходимые действия необходимо сразу же. The earlier you score the alarm, the more time will be to eliminate all problems and obstacles. After all, it often happens that the passenger is not known not only the flight number, date and time of departure. Those who travel around the tourist ticket may not even know the name of the carrier of the carrier. In this case, you will have to contact a travel company, or its representative office in the country to which you are.