Briefly about Australia

Australia – the mainland is located in the southern hemisphere of the Earth. Washed by the waters of two oceans, namely the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. The commonplace of the mainland is from the north to the south of 3200 km, and from the west to the east of 4100 km, the total area is 7640 thousand. sq. km. For its territory, this is the smallest mainland. The mainland has found its name thanks to the first settlers. Australia is like the same Latin word Australius what does the south mean. On the territory of the mainland there is only one state – the Australian Union.

Australia population 23, 5 million inhabitants most of whom live on the east coast. The capital, the largest and most developed city in Australia, is the seat of the population of which is 4, 5 million inhabitants.   There are no active volcanoes on the mainland, although they were still observed at all. Now there are only craters of extinct volcanoes there. There are also no ice covers on the mainland.   The bulk of the residential area is located on the east side on the coast, which is washed by the Pacific Ocean. The climate in Australia is a working capital for ours, that is, from January to February they have summer, and from June to August Winter. Also, animals are more wild than in Australia you will not meet anywhere.