Luxembourg country or the Great Duchy of Luxembourg

The Great Duchy of Luxembourg or the Luxembourg Country consists of two separate regions that make up the landscapes of amazing beauty. Limita Ardenneine, in the north are part of the chains of the hills, which are crossed by narrow rivers of the OUR (OUR) and Sure (Sure). South of Ardenne are the rich agricultural lands of the farms Bon Pays, a plateau crossed by Moselle River, and known for his vineyards. Both regions are dotted with picturesque villages, locks and country houses.

The sights of Luxembourg

The capital of Luxembourg, Luxembourg-Ville is divided into a historical center consisting of fortress towers and paved streets, and modern Plato-Du-Kirchberg, a well-known international financial center. The old city offers to visit the underground tunnels called casemates and the official residence of Grand Duke Plais Grand Ducal, the Knoodlir Palace, Notre Damm Cathedral built in the 17th century. Those who wish to get acquainted with the cultural attractions of the capital can choose the National Museum of Natural History, the Museum of History and Art, the Museum of the City.

To the east of the metropolitan city, tourists can visit the Benedictine monastery dated the 17th century and the Basilica of St. Williberd in the city of Echternach. The magnificent castles of Vianden (Bourscheid), as well as the castle of the medieval city of Clelvaux, where the small museum is located, which tells about the Arden offensive of 1944-1945, when the Luxembourg was freed from the German invaders from the traina, will also be interesting to tourists Traveling through this Central European country.

National cuisine of Luxembourg

Local cuisine combines German thoroughness with Franco-Belgian subtlety. Mozelian wines resemble Rhine, but more dry and fragrant. National dishes are: Carre – smoked pork with beans or cabbage, sochon de lait en geee – smoked milk pig, Jambon d ardennes – smoked ham. The country of Luxembourg and beer is famous, which is very popular here.

Weather in Luxembourg

The hottest month of Luxembourg July, when the air warms up to 25 degrees, and the coldest – January, when temperature indicators range from 5 degrees of heat to 5 – frost. Snowfalls are not rare, so lovers of winter entertainment can choose the winter for a trip here. Weather conditions, throughout the year, are not an obstacle to familiarization with such an exciting corner of Europe as the Luxembourg country or the Great Duchy of Luxembourg.