What is interesting for Albania for tourists?

In the west of the Balkan Peninsula is the sunny and hot country of Albania. This is a paradise corner of picturesque nature, located among the rocky mountains, washed by the waves of the Adriatic. Deep canyons, thick forests, as well as delightful transparent sea beaches make up the inexplicable charm of this wonderful country.   The capital Tiran is ideal for walking excursions and walks. Here is the historical National Museum, recognized by the largest in the world, the Museum of Natural History and the Art Gallery. Near the central square of Skendenberg there is a local market where you can buy bright souvenirs.

The main attractions are in many ancient cities of Albania. This is the oldest city of Skoder, with a unique old fortress of Rosaf and the lead mosque, as well as the city of Durres, founded in 627 BC. e. Greeks, and Elbasan, representing the ruins of ancient Roman fortifications, Turkish baths of the 16th century, fortress of the XV century and much more. In the ancient city of Apolonia, you can see the amphitheater, portico and Odeon (III-II centuries BC. e.) The pearl of the Adriatic coast is the ruins of Butrenti.   On the shore of the lake of the lake, the resort is located under the protection of UNESCO. Not far from the main city of the region of Korchi is the Tourist Center Drillon.

National cuisine of Albania

The national cuisine of Albania, combined with the traditions of the kitchens of such countries as Greece, Turkey, Italy, as well as Slavic states, will please the true gourmets. These are eastern Chebureks and Kebabs with spices, stewed meat with vegetables, vegetarian stews, salads, feta cheese, as well as olive oil and olives. Sweets “Oshaf” and sweet rice pies are served with tea, and puddings and local ice cream for dessert.

Climate of Albania

The climate of Albania is soft and hot in summer, in winter – cool. The average temperature on the coast in July +28-32 ° C, and in January- +8-10 ° C. High summer temperatures are not felt, thanks to the Mediterranean breeze. The best weather conditions from May to September, although in April and October the weather is also very comfortable. The rainy season takes place in early spring and late autumn. In the mountains in winter, the temperature drops to -20 ° C, and above 1 km is constantly snow. Albania opens a huge number of artifacts and cultural values ​​for tourists. Almost every city has a story that has been rooted in millennia. This is the corner of the earth where the secret becomes affordable, and dreams gain reality!