TOP 10 Tourist Islands

Forgetting about work and other problems is easiest on the coast of some exotic island. I present you the list “TOP 10 Tourist Islands”.   Bali Bali for several years in a row the Leaders in the ranking is occupied by the Indonesian island of Bali. The flight is long, but it’s worth it. Stunning sandy beaches, coral shakes, tropics, rice terraces and sleeping volcanoes – all this is waiting for you on the island. You will fall in love with the beauty of this island. And you can also visit many interesting places.

Kauai Kauai is one of the main Hawaiian islands recently was almost the last in the list “TOP 10 Tourist Islands”. Now the island of Kauai in the three leaders because of its snow-white magnificent beaches. It was this island that served as decorations for famous films, such as King Kong and Blue Lagoon. All the riches of nature are preserved here: reef corals, fish and exotic plants, therefore, diving is well developed.

Bora-Bor Bora Bor Boro Boro Troika of Leaders is closed by one of the most beautiful islands of Bora-Broke, located in the Pacific Ocean. Skaloing, feeding sharks, Safari on the island, surfing and much more awaits you on the stunning island of Bora Bor.

Maui Maui is in fourth place another of the Hawaiian island in, only more in size than Kauai. Sunny and amazing beaches of the coasts are constantly filled with tourists. In the very center of the island there is a sleeping volcano of haleakala (House of the Sun). There is also a number of entertainment on the island of Maui: surfing, helicopters, safaris, climbing, sea walks and much more.   Galapagos Islands of the Galapagos Islands in fifth place of the list “TOP 10 Tourist Islands” flaunt the Galapagos Islands. They are truly unique, since penguins, sea iguans and huge turtles live on the islands, which are never found anywhere else. This archipelago consists of 13 amazing islands, each of which must be visited.   Hawaii Hawaii Big Island, as they usually call the huge island of the archipelago, Hawaii. Thanks to exotic, the magnificent beach and soft climate, the island of Hawaii entered the Top 10 Tourist Islands of the World. Volcanic eruption on the island is the main attraction of Hawaii. Spectacular fountains of hot lava can also be observed from a helicopter, and then you can swim on a black sandy sandy beach.   Santorin Santorin Greek island Santorin is a mystery island, many consider him a prototype of Atlantis. Santorin is a crater of a volcano flooded with water. On the western side of the island there are cliffs with snow -white compositions that break right into the water of the Aegean Sea.   On the island, there is also the only butterfly reserve in the world, under the name of the butterfly valley. Here you can see an immense number of red-golden butterflies.

Ibitsa Ibiza, the eight of our list includes the island of dancing, located in Spain, the island of Ibiza.   Thousands of tourists come to him annually, not only for relaxation, but also for dancing. The island has long become the center of dance and club life in the world.

Sicily Sicily is one of the most interesting and beautiful islands of the Mediterranean Sea is the island of Sicily, located in Italy. He retained his initial beauty of nature. Amazing beaches, amazing rocks and mountains, valleys of flowers and fruits – all this combined the island of Sicily. This is a paradise for lovers, it will certainly remain in your memory forever.

Oahu Oahu closes our list “TOP 10 Tourist Islands” Family Island of Ohaha, which is located in the Hawaiian Archipelago. This is the best place to relax the whole family. They come here with kids from 5 months with a genus. They are careful and entertained, so that both children and parents will rest and will be very satisfied. An underwater tour is held on the island, to a depth of 30 meters, also on the island of Oahu there are entertainment parks, which your children will be delighted.