How to choose the right interior doors

Anyone who says that he is completely indifferent to how his apartment will look like – he will surely. Any person is pleased to live surrounded by beautiful things, so the arrangement of housing occupies thoughts, for a long time becomes the main topic for discussion. Walls, floor and ceiling – this is only the basis of the future interior. The highlight is made of key details, one of which is reliable interior doors.

It doesn’t matter where the door structure will be installed in the suburban cottage or the city “Khrushchevka”. The owner of the housing must know how to choose interior doors in quality and practicality of materials, design, type of opening and color.

Design and functionality

Products for the separation of space inside the dwelling are divided into deaf and glazed. The first option is an integral wooden canvas or a frame model, on the entire surface, sheathed with veneer, chipboard. In the glazed door from different materials there are inserts of transparent, matte, textured glass with a pattern and without. Today gained popularity and the third option in which the entire product consists of glass.

To solve the question of which doors to choose interior, their classification by the type of opening will help:

Winging design – the sash simply opens inside or out of the room. This option is universal, practical with good heat indicators – and sound insulation.

Sliding – the sash is pushed away along the wall along the guide mounted to the floor. This model allows you to save space, ideal for small apartments, rooms.

Folding interior partitions in a small dwelling allow you to save useful area, and in spacious ones, create separate zones. Folding design options: “Book” and “accordion”.


Before choosing interior doors, the home owner is determined for himself from which material it should be made. Manufacturers produce rulers of a wide variety of models than significantly complicate the choice. The door leafs are made from the following materials:




MDF and chipboard;


Models made of natural wood are highly durable, presented in a large assortment of color, texture, forms. Their cost ranges in a wide range (depending on the value of the tree breed). They absorb noise, provide good thermal insulation.

For those to whom the doors from the array are not suitable due to a large weight or cost, there are pholen structures (a pholen canvas is attached on a wooden frame). Advantages of such products: durability, excellent insulation characteristics, moisture resistance, resistance to temperature fluctuations.

Metal in the designs of interior doors in our country is not often found. Europeans appreciated this material. Aluminum in combination with high -quality steel will transform the modern design of the room, emphasizes its style.

Plastic belongs to the category of budget interior doors, but it is one of the most practical – does not need special care, easy to operate.

The products “under the wood” are very popular today. They are made from inexpensive MDF material with PVC coated, natural or artificial veneer.

Glass doors can be mirror or matte, smooth and corrugated, complemented by decorative elements and stained glass. When buying, it is important to pay attention to the quality of glass processing, its thickness, hardening, impact resistance.

Criterias of choice

There are several simple rules that will tell you how to choose the right interior doors:

environmental friendliness;

high -quality painting (texture of finishing material) – without interspersed, scratches and other defects;

impeccable joints;

compliance with parameters (error up to 1 mm);

the platbands and the door leaf should have the same final finish.

These are quality parameters, but there is also an aesthetic side of the issue. The door leaf should be combined with the flooring, walls, furniture, nearby doors in other rooms.

If on the question of which doors to choose interior, there are still gaps, BYM store consultants. . UA will help to allow them, choose the best option for a home or apartment and high -quality accessories for it.