The state of the Butane

Somewhere in the distance, a unique small state with a monarchical system and an interesting name Butan lurked from us. Good and hospitable people live in this country. Butan has many traditions that citizens of the country honor and respect. And the head of state is the monarch, in every possible way contributes to this.

Butane. An original system

Local flavor is felt immediately after you step on their land. He is everywhere – people, animals, classes, transport and even road signs talk about the uniqueness of this small country. National sports there is archery. For training this sport, special sites are equipped, which occupy huge areas. When the archer gets clearly at the target (from a distance of 100 meters), his support group starts to dance, performing the encouraging songs and praising the arrow.

Almost all residents dress in national clothes. The ruler carefully took care of this – because if a person puts on jeans, then he may simply not be allowed into a state institution. The television signal for some other 9 years was banned and only recently the ban was lifted.

Architecture in Butan in Butan is completely prohibited by smoking – such an order also came from the monarch. In addition, from religions, Buddhism is allowed exclusively here. The apparent severity in this country contains an almost perfect order – on the streets clean, there are urns everywhere with inscriptions like “use me”.

Road signs here are drawn in literally words with the hands. Sometimes they are even signed in English – so that visitors can navigate them.

Each house on the streets looks like a decorated box. Thus, about 50 years ago, the monarch decided to fight boredom. He issued a decree in which he ordered to paint his homes.

Total import and tourist regime

Almost everything is imported in the state (except for the original culture). Clothing, household appliances, cars and many other products necessary for life are imported from neighboring India.

There is an opinion that it is very difficult to get to ordinary tourists and that there is a restriction on the entry of foreigners (not more than 600 people within a year). However, all this is fiction. Nothing prevents you from getting there. And a small number of tourists are explained by their mentality – after all, it is much more interesting to fill the belly in Turkey’s hotels than to visit a colorful and original state next to India.