Characteristics of locks on windows from children

So that parents can feel that their children are safe, they should take care of special protection for windows. It is necessary to prevent random opening of the wings with children. As a result, there is no threat that the child will fall. There are a lot of options for the castle. What are their features?

Modern locks are characterized by the fact that there are no problems with their installation. This means that even the parents themselves, if they do not want to spend serious funds, can independently perform their installation. It is only necessary to consider that the locks on the windows from children are unlikely to be protected from hacking, but this is not their task.

When using the locks, the possibility of ventilation remains, since the sash is still opened, but not so wide that you can fall out. Due to the fact that today such elements have a very interesting design, they do not spoil the general view of the window and room as a whole.

A separate issue is the cost of such locks. If earlier such products were in short supply, today their sellers are already many. Therefore, the cost of castles is relatively low. This means that any owner has the opportunity to buy locks on the windows and provide protection to their children.