How to drill a hole in the glass

As you know, glass is a rather fragile material. To process it, you need to try very well. For example, you need to cut it into a curly elements. But this is still half a worm. But if you need to make a through hole in it? As you know, it’s difficult, but possible. Therefore, what to perform this procedure at home, I propose to turn to the secrets that professionals use.

First of all, the glass must be prepared. This means dismantling or, if necessary, release it from the frame. All corners, suckers, rivets and other decorative elements must be removed. If there are any stickers on the glass, then they must also be removed and processed by all the front sides of the glass with a degreasing agent.

Next, you need to select a drill. Experts strongly recommend using an electric drill for this, but you can also use manual. But the electric drill will provide high speed of the drill and a small load on the glass, which is necessary given the density of the structure of this material. So that the glass does not break, while driving it on a flat and smooth surface, it should also fully fit to the working basis.

The place you need to drill is worth it. This means that at the place of drilling, you need to make a small recess using roller glass cutter. You need to put it in the place where you are going to drill a hole, put it slightly, and then crank up the longitudinal axis. This is necessary so that the drill along with the drill does not move off the place of drilling. You can also stick tape in 2-3 layers where you are going to make a hole.

In order to qualitatively drill the structure of this material, it is recommended to use hardened drill. If you compare them with simple steel drill, then the difference is that the material of the cutting part on the hardened more. By the way, you can not only buy them in the store, but also do it yourself.

So, to harden the steel drill, heat it reddened on an alcohol burner or on a home plate. Then you abruptly lower him into a container with wax and cool. Before using such a drill, it must be lubricated with turpentine. But the best option is the use of a diamond drill.

Copper wire and copper hollow tube can also help you make a sample of glass matter. They are nozzles for an electric drill and often replace hardened drills.

But you can drill glass with copper wire only after a special mixture has been applied to it. So, in order to prepare this mixture, you need to combine campaura, turpentine and sandpaper in a ratio of 1: 2: 4, respectively. You need to apply this composition to the part of the glass in which you plan to drill a hole.

As for drilling a copper hollow tube, then it is necessary to use corundum powder. Before drill, put on the drilling area (radius – 2 cm) with a centimeter plasticine barrier. Pour pre -moistened corundum powder into the recess and begin to drill.

When we talk about the formation of large holes in the glass, this is no longer drilling, because the material is cutting. But before the cutting procedure in the center of the future circle, you still need to drill a through hole. Next, put the glass on a flat surface of wood, into which a nail must be driven through the hole. Tie the nylon thread to it, and tie the glass cutter at the distance at which the circle will be cut. Further, everything is simple – outline a circle with glass cutter and knock out the glass with light tapping. With sandpaper, if necessary, you can treat the edge.