China is a country of contrasts and attractions

Without exaggeration, we can say that the country of China is a “drawer of Pandora” “the entire Asian continent. The 5000-year history turns the “Celestial” into an incredibly exciting direction of the modern tourism industry. This original, bright and complete change in the nation is the founder of the surprisingly contradictory features of China, where Shanghai skyscrapers contrast with the historical wealth of Beijing and poorly developed rural regions.

The attractions of China

Occupying a vast territory and enjoying a huge variety of geographical zones, the country China offers so many attractions that, even, for a fleeting familiarization with them, you will need more than one journey here.

Natural attractions include: Jomolungma Reserve in Tibet; Taishan Mountain Park (Taishan), Huangshan Mountains, Buddhist Mountain Emei Shan, mountain lakes and waterfalls of Jiuzhaigou, fantastic gorge of the Brahmaputra River, stone columns of Kunming (Kunming);

Unique attractions are China caves. The cave of the “Yellow Dragon“ Zhangjiajie, ”,“ Magic Flute ”and“ Red Crown ”in Guilin (Guilin),“ Silver Cave “in Yangshuo) – will introduce travelers into the mysterious underground world;

In recent years, the beaches and coastal resorts of China have become more and more in demand, especially such as: Hainan Island (Hainan) and the resort of Sanya, which offers many international hotels, sandy beaches, golf fields and magnificent conditions for water entertainment;

Each Chinese city has its own attractions, and each region offers the most diverse holidays and festivals, with which you can learn a lot and fascinating about the history, culture, traditions of this powerful country.

National cuisine of China

China has the 8th traditional regional kitchens: Anhui, Canton (Canton), Fuzian (Fujian,), Hunan (Hunan), Jiangsu (Jiangsu), Shandong (Shandong), Sichuan (Sichuan) and Huayang (Huaiyang). In most dishes, food to divide into small pieces to be eaten directly, without using a knife and a fork that the Chinese consider barbaric instruments.

A fish that is served entirely in China, and the chicken that is cut into pieces is very popular in China. Like other Asian countries, the country of China does not do without rice. At the table, each person is served a separate bowl of rice, while other dishes are placed one on the table.

Climate in China

Since the country of China is the third largest power of the world, the temperature indicators here have a huge scatter of readings. If you calculate the average indicators of the Chinese climate, we can say that the summer is hot, very stuffy and wet, and winter is cold and damp. From this it follows that the most favorable months to visit it are: September and October – in the fall, April and May – in the spring.