How to strengthen the foundation of a wooden house

To enhance the base of the wooden structure, it is necessary to make trenches a depth of about 30 cm. These ditches are required to dig around the perimeter of the house. In the trench, formwork consisting of wooden boards is laid.

Then you need to insert metal pins into the walls of the structure. For work, you need a perforator. The pins should be connected with a metal wire or by welding. Prepared reinforced pit must be poured with concrete. The solution should include a capture of gravel and gravel.

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The base formed from a reinforced ring and concrete can accept the necessary load. It will fall on the entire site where the structure is located. This technology makes it possible to strengthen the foundation so that the structure does not destroy, and also does not move from its place and does not settle.

Sometimes, due to the sagging of the base, the house begins to slide from the original place. Repair work does not always allow you to change this situation. In such cases, it is necessary to equip a new foundation. This can be done without demolition at home. First you need to get rid of the load that falls on the base. From the house you need to take out furniture and heavy things.

In the floor you need to make holes and fix the beams in them. Then the beams should be raised by levers using a hydraulic jack. After installing the beams on the support, the old base is dismantled. When the place to create a new foundation is cleared, you can proceed to its construction. Brick masonry can also be used to strengthen the foundation. Under the jacks, the base of wooden shields should be placed. The old foundation needs to be disassembled.

When arranging a new base, it is necessary to take into account the errors that were made when laying the original foundation. If the base is correctly equipped, it will last ten years.