Hotel description W Seoul

WESUL Hotel is in Seoul, just 10 minutes drive from the city center. It is located in a very unusual place – at the top of the mountain, which, moreover, is a kind of historical monument to Seoul – Namsan. It is with the name of this mountain that some historical events of Korea are associated.    In the process of creating a futuristic hotel W Seoul, a group of its creators Gaia used only the latest architecture innovations, reuniting them in a single project.

The hotel Hotel Hotel itself resembles a glass sphere surrounded by a mass of green spaces, admiring which you can parallel to enjoy the views and noise of waterfalls, and also observe the famous river Khan from a height.    As for the hotel itself, it fully justifies each of its five stars. The W Seoul Hotel has 6 chic restaurants that are famous for excellent service. They serve dishes of eastern and European kitchens.    The hotel has a main hall that differs in its intricate interior. In this hall there is a bar stand surrounded by egg -shaped seats and, of course, a warm and laid -back environment.