Traveling to the country France – entertainment, adventure and pleasure

Country France is incredibly diverse. The French, thanks to the survivability of stereotypes, to this day, represent in a striped elegant shirt, a traditional black birch, with a ribbon of onions on the neck, puffing cigarettes Goloaz. Of course, today this image is not true, but some villages, and now, have retained a centuries -old lifestyle.

The sights of France

If a guest of France has all the time of peace, the whole country of France is at its disposal, but if his time is limited, he must not miss its main attractions: and

Triumphal arch, Ethyl’s tower, Louvre, Notre Dame, Sacre-Ker, Champs Elysees in Paris;

Enchanted Versailles;

Blois, Azai Redo, Shambor, Shinon, Chambros – magnificent locks of the Loire Valley;

Corsican cities of Ayaccio and Bastia, which became famous during the time of Napoleon;

Roman Aqueduct Pon-Du-Grant, built 2000 years ago;

Roman ruins Mason-Kar, the temple of Diana and the Roman arena in Nime, the Roman amphitheater in Orange;

Papal Palace in Avignon;

Marseille, with attractions such as: old port, Chateau-d-if, notre-Gard-de-la-Gard;

80 museums and 200 galleries of Paris;

City of Science and Technology in Villet;

Disneyland Paris in the picturesque Valley of Marn-la-Valle;

the famous resorts on the Emerald Coast in Brittany, as well as in Nice, Menton, Cannes, Antibe in the South;

English embankment in Nice, known for the colorful festival of flowers;

Port La Rochelle and the nearby islands of Oleron and Re, connected to the mainland with charming bridges;

ski resorts Alp and Pyrenees;

spa salons of biarritis, context or Wittel.

National cuisine of France

For tourists, national French cuisine is a kind of exotic. Snails and oysters, joked legs and mollusks are its important ingredients. In addition to them, the country France loves a goose liver, baked lamb, bifstexes with blood. Possessing a huge variety of wines, the French love to use it as an ingredient in many dishes. Cheeses, salads, soups, sauces, baking of local housewives will delight any gourmet.

Weather in France

Occupying a huge territory, the country France offers a wide variety of climatic conditions. For example, winter temperatures in the north drop to 10 degrees of frost, and in the south they do not fall below 5 degrees of heat. In the summer, a thermometer in the south can show up to 30 degrees of heat, and in the north 4-5 degrees less. In the mountains of the temperature lower, and the constant snow cover favors ski entertainment.